Feb. 10th, 2009 11:04 pm
thepizzalord: (Reading)
Has anyone mislaid a girl-shaped cat?
thepizzalord: (Thinking)
-Body: handcuffs
-Spirit: box of nails <-- steel, just in case
-Mind: quantum physics textbook

-Blasting rod
-Lash's coin <-- need blessed cloth soon, idiot

-Sight: prism
-Sound: ? <-- ask other Wanderers
-Touch: brick/cinderblock
-Taste: dirt
-Smell: sawdust

Six talismans/pendants/bracelets?

Find way to sink steel circle into asphalt around entire block
thepizzalord: (Reading)
Well, she did say this would happen but it's still weird. Hello there, little journal. And, um, hi everybody else.

I've got a place to stay for now, although I'm hoping not for too long, but I'm still settling in so I probably won't be roaming around a lot yet. Although once I do, warn me away from any fancy gizmos that might be important. Technology and I don't really get along, and I'd hate to fry something essential. I'm working on a theory though, so stay tuned for the next episode of Harry Dresden: Wizarding Fuckup.
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