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I don't know what to do. Shepard's made some compelling arguments for taking up the coin, but it's wrong. At least, I thought it was. I mean, Lasciel is evil. Supposedly. Kind of. Lash has never really struck me as evil, just... eager. Helpful. Kind. Even sweet. And her powers and abilities would be a huge help, especially now. It's wrong, but... why? If she's willing to share control... I've seen Fallen in partnerships before, not just domination. She could be the best partner a wizard could ask for. Michael would kill me if he knew I was thinking about this. But he's not here. Neither is Murph, or Father Forthill, Bob, or anyone else who could even remotely be of help. I've never been this alone.

I'm going to keep the coin on me until I can get it sealed in a circle. I can't take the risk that someone else will find it and keep it. Who knows what could happen? I need to find a blessed cloth to wrap it in though. I can't take the chance that I might touch it again by accident.
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This could be very bad. Somehow, when I came through the Rift, I brought the blackened denarius with me. I found it in my pocket, though I somehow managed to not touch it. Better find a way to keep it safe, or someone else might end up with it. I wonder if I'd be allowed to put a circle in the floor?

1. Ask Elashte about modifications
2. Find silver for circle
3. Talk to Lash about tech allergy/lack of?
4. Buy clothes Closet seems to be full now
5. Find out way to earn my keep
6. Check in with Rose


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