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Harry's been hard at work for a couple of weeks now, shaping metal and preparing enchantments, and now it's finally done. He puts the completed shield bracelet into his duster pocket and grabs his staff and PINpoint. With the latter, he scrolls down to a specific number, and sends a text.

Hey kid, your package is ready. See you where I saw ya last time.
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I found my frisbee.

The Gauche appears to have a very nice courtyard.


Feb. 10th, 2009 11:04 pm
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Has anyone mislaid a girl-shaped cat?
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Someone's been in my room. There's a silver Warden sword on my bed. Not just any sword, but mine, magically attuned to me and everything. It's impossible. You don't... happen to know anything about this, do you?
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Hey there, pretty lady. You free this evening? There's a table at a certain steakhouse with our names on it.
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Does anyone know where Shepard is? I haven't seen her for a few days.
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You missed our meetup. Is everything okay?
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Thanks again for showing me where that little church is. I was able to pick up what I needed this morning, no questions asked. I also managed to finish my project a few days ago - been catching up on my sleep since then. Don't have many other pressing needs at the moment, which is kinda awkward at times. Gotta find a new project or something, to stay busy.

How are things going on your end?
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All right, I've got everything I need to set this up, so if everyone involved would head out to the construction site, we can get this finished.
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Going out and about for a bit. I'll have my journal on me if anyone really needs to find me. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone.
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I've got nearly all the ingredients required to get this sucker going, so all that's left is finding someone who can transmute metal. Or somesuch. I'm not clear on how that works here, so recommendations are welcome.

In any case, I've drawn up a rough plan of where my foci will need to be located, and how big the circle has to be. Nothing's to scale, but it is color-coded. Purple is chain, teal is sensory foci, blue is the caster's foci, and red is the human components. If there are problems with my plans, please let me know now, because it's such a pain in the ass to refigure all this stuff on short notice.

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Hey, Miss Slayer. It's me, your friendly neighborhood wizardly guy.

I'm working on refining the circle at the construction site so that other people can open it, so they don't have to wait forever for me to show up if I'm elsewhere, but I need sensory information from other Wanderers, and you're pretty much it besides Shepard. Did you happen to notice any sort of sound when you got sent through? Any other observations would be good, too.

Business aside, you settling in okay? This place can be kind of weird, especially some of the neighbors. I'm still adjusting, myself.
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-Body: handcuffs
-Spirit: box of nails <-- steel, just in case
-Mind: quantum physics textbook

-Blasting rod
-Lash's coin <-- need blessed cloth soon, idiot

-Sight: prism
-Sound: ? <-- ask other Wanderers
-Touch: brick/cinderblock
-Taste: dirt
-Smell: sawdust

Six talismans/pendants/bracelets?

Find way to sink steel circle into asphalt around entire block
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I don't know what to do. Shepard's made some compelling arguments for taking up the coin, but it's wrong. At least, I thought it was. I mean, Lasciel is evil. Supposedly. Kind of. Lash has never really struck me as evil, just... eager. Helpful. Kind. Even sweet. And her powers and abilities would be a huge help, especially now. It's wrong, but... why? If she's willing to share control... I've seen Fallen in partnerships before, not just domination. She could be the best partner a wizard could ask for. Michael would kill me if he knew I was thinking about this. But he's not here. Neither is Murph, or Father Forthill, Bob, or anyone else who could even remotely be of help. I've never been this alone.

I'm going to keep the coin on me until I can get it sealed in a circle. I can't take the risk that someone else will find it and keep it. Who knows what could happen? I need to find a blessed cloth to wrap it in though. I can't take the chance that I might touch it again by accident.
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I'm still working on the detainment spell for the construction site, but I'm having trouble coming up with appropriate objects that relate to the Rift. If I could hear more about what people have experienced when they came through, that would be very helpful. All five senses are necessary to complete the spell properly.

-Body: handcuffs
-Spirit: steel of some kind (nails?)
-Mind: ?

Caster's affinity obj.
-Pentacle amulet
-Blasting rod

Rift affinity obj.
-Sight: ?
-Sound: ?
-Touch: ?
-Taste: ?
-Smell: ?

Also, to allow passage through the wards, whoever's on guard duty will need a talisman of some sort to be woven into the spell. I could use individual belongings, but it might be easier to make five or six identical pendants or bracelets, and rotate them for each shift. Ideas? Opinions? Mocking laughter?
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This could be very bad. Somehow, when I came through the Rift, I brought the blackened denarius with me. I found it in my pocket, though I somehow managed to not touch it. Better find a way to keep it safe, or someone else might end up with it. I wonder if I'd be allowed to put a circle in the floor?

1. Ask Elashte about modifications
2. Find silver for circle
3. Talk to Lash about tech allergy/lack of?
4. Buy clothes Closet seems to be full now
5. Find out way to earn my keep
6. Check in with Rose
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Well, she did say this would happen but it's still weird. Hello there, little journal. And, um, hi everybody else.

I've got a place to stay for now, although I'm hoping not for too long, but I'm still settling in so I probably won't be roaming around a lot yet. Although once I do, warn me away from any fancy gizmos that might be important. Technology and I don't really get along, and I'd hate to fry something essential. I'm working on a theory though, so stay tuned for the next episode of Harry Dresden: Wizarding Fuckup.
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