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Name:Harry Dresden
Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Harry Dresden's life has become much more complicated ever since he stumbled through the Rift. Not that it wasn't annoyingly complex to begin with, being Chicago's only wizard in the phone book, a Regional Commander Warden, and reluctant host to the fallen angel Lasciel's shadow. Seperated from the version of Chicago that he knows, away from the watchful eyes of the White Council for the first time in decades, and isolated from everyone he knows and loves, this new life is both a blessing and a curse. Harry is angry. And Lasciel doesn't like it when her host is angry...

This is a role-playing journal, formerly for [info]beyondtherift, now [community profile] dresdeneffect. The character Harry Dresden is property of Jim Butcher.

Mun: Ael ([personal profile] martyfan)

More information on the character can be found at the Rift Wiki.
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