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I don't know what to do. Shepard's made some compelling arguments for taking up the coin, but it's wrong. At least, I thought it was. I mean, Lasciel is evil. Supposedly. Kind of. Lash has never really struck me as evil, just... eager. Helpful. Kind. Even sweet. And her powers and abilities would be a huge help, especially now. It's wrong, but... why? If she's willing to share control... I've seen Fallen in partnerships before, not just domination. She could be the best partner a wizard could ask for. Michael would kill me if he knew I was thinking about this. But he's not here. Neither is Murph, or Father Forthill, Bob, or anyone else who could even remotely be of help. I've never been this alone.

I'm going to keep the coin on me until I can get it sealed in a circle. I can't take the risk that someone else will find it and keep it. Who knows what could happen? I need to find a blessed cloth to wrap it in though. I can't take the chance that I might touch it again by accident.
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I'm still working on the detainment spell for the construction site, but I'm having trouble coming up with appropriate objects that relate to the Rift. If I could hear more about what people have experienced when they came through, that would be very helpful. All five senses are necessary to complete the spell properly.

-Body: handcuffs
-Spirit: steel of some kind (nails?)
-Mind: ?

Caster's affinity obj.
-Pentacle amulet
-Blasting rod

Rift affinity obj.
-Sight: ?
-Sound: ?
-Touch: ?
-Taste: ?
-Smell: ?

Also, to allow passage through the wards, whoever's on guard duty will need a talisman of some sort to be woven into the spell. I could use individual belongings, but it might be easier to make five or six identical pendants or bracelets, and rotate them for each shift. Ideas? Opinions? Mocking laughter?
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This could be very bad. Somehow, when I came through the Rift, I brought the blackened denarius with me. I found it in my pocket, though I somehow managed to not touch it. Better find a way to keep it safe, or someone else might end up with it. I wonder if I'd be allowed to put a circle in the floor?

1. Ask Elashte about modifications
2. Find silver for circle
3. Talk to Lash about tech allergy/lack of?
4. Buy clothes Closet seems to be full now
5. Find out way to earn my keep
6. Check in with Rose
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Well, she did say this would happen but it's still weird. Hello there, little journal. And, um, hi everybody else.

I've got a place to stay for now, although I'm hoping not for too long, but I'm still settling in so I probably won't be roaming around a lot yet. Although once I do, warn me away from any fancy gizmos that might be important. Technology and I don't really get along, and I'd hate to fry something essential. I'm working on a theory though, so stay tuned for the next episode of Harry Dresden: Wizarding Fuckup.
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The Lady - Harry hasn't been with a woman in quite some time. Granted, this is mostly because is extremely oblivious as far as flirting goes, sometimes to the point of being almost molested by naked woman and just not getting it. Casual sex is not his goal, however, and anyone that he pursues will be as close to "for keeps" as he can manage.
{[ profile] fightyourfoes/Commander Shepard and [ profile] powerisall/Sonja Caplan}

The Knight - In times of trouble, Harry has often turned to Michael and the other Knights of the Cross for assistance in dealing with matters of darkness. Now, with Lasciel influencing him more heavily than before, it will take someone extremely strong-willed to keep him from allying with the fallen angel. {[ profile] shealone_stands/Buffy Summers}

The Siren - Harry's darker impulses have come out to play more and more often, despite the disapproval of the White Council. If properly directed, he could become a truly unstoppable force, in complete harmony with Lasciel's desires and abilities.
{[ profile] fightyourfoes/Commander Shepard}

The Captain - Without the guidance of the Warden Captain, Harry is unsure of who to follow and what cause to fight for. While he does not appreciate being ordered around, it's damn nice to have a little bit of guidance in the bigger issues of life.
{[ profile] fightyourfoes/Commander Shepard}

The Adversary - Harry is extremely angry that his investigation of the Black Council is no longer possible, but he is sure that someone around here is pulling strings that they shouldn't be. If he finds a traitor, or just someone too morally opposed to him, he will focus on eliminating them almost exclusively. {[ profile] sarkraticmethod/Julian Sark, openings for up to two more characters, preferably male}

The Bartender - Neutral ground is one of Harry's favorite things. While he doesn't have to be best buddies with this person, he needs someone neutral to give him a sense of security in the midst of this new insanity that he finds himself in.
{[ profile] belle_heaven/Rose Tyler Now open for one character}

I'm ultimately planning on having Harry become a full Denarian, if possible. He's definitely not going to be the mostly morally-good character that he is in the books, although it will take some time for Lasciel to corrupt him fully.
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  • Name: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
  • Birthdate: October 31, 1973
  • Species: Human (Wanderer)
  • -Type: The Fallen angel Lasciel's shadow has become much more integrated with his personality, allowing greater control of Hellfire and slight increases in other Fallen abilities. (More information found here )
  • Canon: The Dresden Files (novels)
  • Played By: Paul Blackthorne
  • Appearance: Six and a half feet tall, lanky build, short dark hair, dark eyes. Often dressed in a black leather duster that is magically protected against most forms of attack, wears a silver pentacle amulet around his neck. His left hand has been severely burned, leaving the entire hand scarred except for a patch of skin on the palm in the shape of Lasciel's sigil, which he covers with a black leather glove.. Carries a Colt .44, blasting rod, and wizard staff as weapons. Carries a shield bracelet as a defense.
  • Personality: Finds it difficult to see women, children, or other innocents come to harm, sometimes to the point of unleashing unholy destruction upon whoever is responsible. Sense of humor that often includes obscure clich├ęs and gallows humor. Forms strong attachments to those he cares about, and can nurse a grudge for years before coming to terms with it. Not very subtle, but very tenacious. Often oblivious when it comes to women hitting on him, but when he does catch on, he plays for keeps. Fully willing to sacrifice himself for what he believes is the greater good, even if it means damning his own soul.
  • History: Orphaned at age six, adopted by a warlock named Justin DuMorne who later tried to enslave him. Harry killed him in self defense, and was then mentored by Ebenezar McCoy, the White Council's Blackstaff, until he was old enough to live alone. Harry spent three years working for a Private Investigations agency before opening his own business, putting himself in the phone book under Wizards. He often became involved in large supernatural occurrences in Chicago , including the beginning of a war against the Red Court of vampires and stopping a war between the two major factions of Faerie. Harry touches a Blackened Denarius to prevent a friend's child from becoming corrupted by it, and as a result a copy of the Fallen angel's personality was implanted in his subconscious, giving him access to Hellfire and a vast store of knowledge. Lasciel spent several years in Harry's mind, slowly influencing him despite his attempts to steer clear of her "help." During a battle at the White Court vampire Raith estate, Harry's escape was cut off, and he was caught in an enormous explosion that catapulted him through the Rift.


  • Writing Sample:

"Oh boy... sit, Ubu, sit!"


The werewolf snarled, obviously unimpressed by the wizard's brightly glowing staff. It crouched low, and before Harry could react it leapt straight at his throat. He fell back with a yelp, and the werewolf overshot its target, one back paw clipping the fallen wizard across the top of the head.


Harry rolled, coming up on his knees, and quickly gathered his will. "Fuego!" he shouted, thrusting the staff towards the beast. An enormous gout of flame burst forth, setting the creature's fur alight, and it howled in pain, blinded by the bright flash. By the time its vision adjusted, Harry was between it and the young girl, who cowered against the crumbling brick wall, blood streaming down her arm.


"No take out for you tonight, buddy!" Harry snarled back at the werewolf, staff ablaze with the eerie red light of Hellfire..

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