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I'm still working on the detainment spell for the construction site, but I'm having trouble coming up with appropriate objects that relate to the Rift. If I could hear more about what people have experienced when they came through, that would be very helpful. All five senses are necessary to complete the spell properly.

-Body: handcuffs
-Spirit: steel of some kind (nails?)
-Mind: ?

Caster's affinity obj.
-Pentacle amulet
-Blasting rod

Rift affinity obj.
-Sight: ?
-Sound: ?
-Touch: ?
-Taste: ?
-Smell: ?

Also, to allow passage through the wards, whoever's on guard duty will need a talisman of some sort to be woven into the spell. I could use individual belongings, but it might be easier to make five or six identical pendants or bracelets, and rotate them for each shift. Ideas? Opinions? Mocking laughter?

on 2008-05-12 11:11 pm (UTC)
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The coin would be good, I think.

For sight, would a picture of the Rift itself work?

Sound. Hmm. There wasn't anything by the way of sound that I experienced when I came through. Except the sound of bullets from my assault rifle.

Smell. I came through in an old warehouse. It smelled very... musky when I came through. But since this is a different Rift opening, something that evokes the smell of the construction site would be better. Sawdust, maybe?

Touch. A block of cement? Something commonly found at a construction site for this time period.

Taste. No clue.

As for mind, I was pretty confused when I came through. Can you think of anything that would represent that feeling?

Five or six pendants will do.


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